Moringa Oleifera, The Miracle Tree

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Have you guys ever heard of this plant, moringa? I’ve talked about it a few times on my Instagram stories. I drink moringa tea quite often, at least 4-5 times per week, and I think you should too!

What is it?

Moringa oleifera, or moringa, is actually a tree. It’s native to northern India but today it’s grown in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s commonly known as ‘The Miracle Tree’ and ‘The Tree of Life’ by many cultures. This is because moringa has been used for centuries by Indians and Africans to cure and prevent many illnesses and diseases.

Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse. Seriously, it blows my mind how many nutrients are packed in this plant! The leaves are rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for healthy bones; zinc which in crucial for immune health and fertility; magnesium, iron and copper, all elements which have multiple benefits to the body. Moringa is also an excellent source of vitamins such as beta-carotene, B vitamins including folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. Finally, moringa is an excellent source of medicinal phytochemicals like tannins, sterols, terpenoids, flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, anthroquinones, glucosinates, isothyiocyanates and glycosides. It’s no wonder that extracts from moringa leaves are used to treat malnutrition.

And what’s even better is that you can use the entire plant for medicinal purposes. The leaves are often dried and used for teas. The leaves can also be crushed into a powder. The seeds are also edible.

The following graph shows the different nutrient contents of fresh moringa leaves, dry leaves and powder. You can read the full research report here.

Moringa Oleifera Nutrient Content

Nutrient Fresh Leaves Dry Leaves Powder
Calories 92 329 205
Protein (g)6.729.427.1
Fat (g)
Carbohydrates (g)12.541.238.2
Fibre (g)0.912.519.2
Vitamin B1 (mg)
Vitamin B2 (mg)0.0521.320.5
Vitamin B3 (mg)
Vitamin C (mg)22015.817.3
Vitamin E (mg)44810.8113
Calcium (mg)44021852003
Magnesium (mg)42448368
Phosphorus (mg)70252204
Potassium (mg)25912361324
Copper (mg)0.070.490.57
Iron (mg)0.8525.628.3

*All values are per 100g of plant material

Health Benefits

Because of its high nutrient content, moringa has an insane amount of health benefits. In fact, it’s a more potent source of calcium than milk and of iron than beef! Seriously, think about that before taking your next iron pill. Due to its high nutrient content, herbal practitioners often recommend moringa as a therapy for HIV and AIDS.

It’s also rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which may play a role in its potential as an anti-cancer agent. Studies [1] [2] [3] have shown that moringa actually prevents cancer cells from duplicating by promoting cell death (apoptosis) in cancer calls specifically. Pretty amazing stuff, I’d say!

Research has also showed that moringa may protect the brain. According to researchers, moringa leaf extracts have been shown to increase spatial memory improve neurodegeneration [4].  This is an amazing discovery considering some of the key symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s is declining memory and neurodegeneration.

Finally, researchers are looking into the possibility of moringa as a diabetic treatment. Researchers found that in rats, moringa leaf extract possesses antihyperglycemic and antihyperlipidemic effects in both insulin resistant and insulin deficient rats [5].

My Favourite Moringa Tea

As I mentioned, I try to have moringa tea 4-5 times per week. If I’m being completely honest, it’s tough to drink on its own. It’s very… green tasting, if you know what I mean. So, what I like to do is mix 1 lemon balm tea bag with 1 teaspoon of dried moringa leaves in a tea infuser and let that steep for a couple minutes. Then I add in 1 teaspoon of stevia and voila! A healthy, nutrient dense tea that doesn’t taste half bad! Below, I’ve linked the same moringa leaves and lemon balm tea I use, give it a try!

Moringa is seriously one of the best medicinal plants I have come across. Since I’ve been taking it, I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy levels and overall wellbeing. I seriously recommend you try it out. There are even documentaries on Youtube showcasing moringa in other countries. This plant has been used medicinally for centuries and for good reason! In the wise words of Hippocrates, let thy food be thy medicine. If you’ve tried moringa or if you’ve never even heard of it, comment down below and let me know your thoughts!

The information given on this website is not intended as medical advice. Talk to your doctor or primary health care worker before taking any new medicinal plants or supplements, especially if you have an underlying condition.

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