Alicia has the answers to all your nutrition needs! The knowledge she shares with her clients is exceptional! Her passion for health is reflected in her level of care with each client’s specific needs. My experience with Alicia was phenomenal! I attended her first workshop and she shared so much insightful information and was open and honest about her health journey. She is your relatable, knowledgeable, and your go-to girl to take back your health! Highly recommend!

– Christina V, Toronto

Alicia is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions in a timely and professional manner.

– Kim A, Toronto

Alicia is so great! Very quick to answer any questions! She dropped off an essential oil to me and even left a sweet card with other info! Totally recommend.

– Emily F, Hamilton

My experience with Alicia was extremely positive. I walked away feeling like I really had the chance to learn something substantial and apply it to my life. Her knowledge is backed by a pure passion for health and I found myself mirroring that same passion. The workshop was SUCH a positive experience and I would highly recommend connecting with her for your health needs. I am very excited to see where my journey with her is going to take me!

– Katherine C, Milton

The workshop was such a breath of fresh air! From the moment I walked in, Alicia greeted me and made me feel comfortable. Not only was the presentation amazing, the information and knowledge she has is crazy! I’m glad I was able to be a part of it.

– Jenn K, Toronto

Alicia is a fountain of knowledge! I learned more from her in a single workshop than I have spending countless nights perusing through the internet trying to find answers. I can’t stop recommending Alicia’s services to my loved ones and I can’t wait to explore more of them myself. Thanks Rosati Nutrition!

– Louisa N, Toronto

Working with Alicia was rewarding. First and foremost, Alicia made me feel comfortable in discussing my health concerns, worries and goals. Secondly, she is always readily available when advice was needed or when I had questions. Moreover, I attended her workshop and learned a great deal about how I can and should take care of my health and body through simple everyday steps.

Andrea S, Toronto

Alicia is highly qualified and knowledgeable! I was recently diagnosed with IBS and I was unsure how to cope. She recommended supplements to help improve my intestinal issues, answered all my questions and concerns, and checked in on me constantly to ensure my condition was improving. I HIGHLY recommend her nutritional insight if you are looking to improve and maintain your gut health!

– Elisabeth G, Toronto

I’ve had the privilege of working with Alicia. She’s helped me keep on top of my health and nutrition values. She’s a great person to trust and she has a lot of knowledge about nutrition. I recommend her as a nutritionist.

– Angelo C, Toronto

I completed the 21 Day Detox Program and I felt amazing! I lost about 10 pounds and have been able to keep it off. My energy levels were better than ever and I finally got a full night’s sleep. The meal plan Alicia put together is great, it doesn’t feel like a detox at all. I would definitely do this program again!!

– Rose L, Toronto

I did the 21 Day Detox and it was great. I thought if I did a detox I wouldn’t be able to eat much, but the meal plan was awesome! I never felt hungry and I still crave those healthy meals. Between the diet plan and the herbal supplements, I had so much energy and I lost quite a bit of body fat. I definitely recommend this detox to everyone and I look forward to doing it again!

– Louisa R, Toronto

Alicia seeks to give you the healthiest but most delicious alternatives specific for your needs. A session with her is like a quick lesson about nutrition… she makes sure to explain the role of foods and how it can affect/benefit you, and even provides references! I trust and admire her work!

– Sophia O, Toronto

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