Starting My 2021 Garden from Seed – Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers

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Hello friend!

As I’ve mentioned a zillion times (I’m excited, okay?!), spring is here! And with that means it’s time to prepare for my garden!

I love gardening, it’s one of my ‘warm weather’ hobbies. I think it stems from my grandparents, who were all excellent gardeners. My grandparents were actually farmers back in Italy before they immigrated to Canada.

Here’s a picture of me checking on the grapes with my Nonno. P.S. Check those sunnies!

As a child, I remember hanging out with my grandfather almost daily, checking on the flowers, the grapes, and shelling beans. I remember my grandmother gathering produce from outside to make a fresh meal for the family.

And I remember my other grandfather growing the biggest zucchinis and cucumbers I have ever seen! And his tomatoes, let me tell you they were delicious! And of course my grandmother would use this produce at our Sunday feast.

Although I have the passion for gardening, I can’t say I’m super successful at it. I mean, I know how to keep plants alive and grow bountiful fruit from these crops, but for the life of me, I cannot grow anything from seed.

My grandfather, shown in the photo, knew how to grow anything from seed. I wish he was still here to show me all his tips and tricks. But alas, I must learn the hard way!

I’m going to be documenting my journey to my garden this year. If I have success, great! And if I don’t, well we try again next year.

This year I’ve planted the following vegetable and herb seeds: Swiss chard, green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, callaloo, tomatoes, parsley, sweet basil, lemon balm, tulsi (holy basil), and chamomile, hyssop.

I’ve also planted the following flowers: stocks, sunflowers, godetia, Sweet Williams, forget-me-nots, edelweiss, delphinium, poppies, sweet peas, and candytuft.

Phew! That’s a huge list and quite intimidating if I might add. But I figure let’s give these a shot and see what grows and what doesn’t. It’s all part of the learning process!

Watch the video below to see how I started my seeds and what tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. Don’t forget to check back for any updates!

Happy Spring,


Build houses and live in them; and plant gardens and eat their produce.

Jeremiah 29:5
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