Ep. 27 – The Importance of Having a Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is the first step for a successful day. As humans, we are wired to wake up with the sun and be most active in the morning. Check out the previous episode for more in depth discussion on circadian rhythm. One of the best ways to get a head start on the […]

Ep. 26 – The Benefits of Waking Up with the Sun | Circadian Rhythm

In today’s episode, we discuss the circadian rhythm and the importance of being in tune with it. The circadian rhythm is our primal instinct to follow the sun’s natural patterns. Humans are not nocturnal. We are meant to be awake during the day and asleep during the night. But what happens when we aren’t? Sleep […]

Ep. 24 – Are Eggs Even Good for You?

Eggs have been such a controversial food in the health and wellness space. “Eat eggs, they’re great!” “Don’t eat eggs, they’re so high in cholesterol!” “Only eat the egg yolk for max protein!” It can get really confusing out there. So, in today’s episode I want to answer the question – are eggs good for […]

Ep. 23 – I’m Back! Life Update + Exciting News!

Welcome back to the show! Wow it has been quite some time since I’ve said that. As we all know, life takes some unexpected twists and turns. And unfortunately, that requires our focus to shift from time to time. But I’m SO GLAD to be back, creating the content I’m so passionate about, and being […]

Ep. 22 – Inflammation: The Silent Killer

Do you know the difference between acute and chronic inflammation? In this episode we dive into the differences between the two and the dangers of chronic inflammation. Inflammation is simply your immune system responding to something – a stressor, a pathogen, or an injury. Acute inflammation is actually helpful since it helps keep us healthy […]

Ep. 21 – A Side of Glyphosate with Your Breakfast Cereal

Open in Spotify Open in Apple Podcasts Do you know exactly what’s in your box of cereal? Sure you can read the ingredients, but what’s really in there? Unfortunately many of our favourite breakfast cereals, oatmeal pouches, and breakfast bars are heavily laced with pesticide residue – specifically glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in […]

Ep. 20 – High Dose Vitamin C: A Promising Cancer Treatment

Open in Spotify Open in Apple Podcasts I’m sure you’ve heard of vitamin C being used for the common cold or flu, but have you ever heard of vitamin C being used for cancer? I hadn’t heard of this either until we found out my grandfather’s cancer had come back, quite some years ago. The […]

Ep. 19 – Interconnection: The Key to Immunity?

Open in Spotify Open in Apple Podcasts Join us this week with our special guest Alex Larouche – holistic nutritionist, business woman, and interconnected being. In this episode we discuss how all things in the world are interconnected – from our interactions with nature and our environment, to our own health. We must understand that […]

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