Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin D

With summer around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to write about the “sunshine vitamin.” I’m talking about vitamin D! We all know that we get vitamin D from the sun. But with all the worries about skin cancer, how do we ensure we’re getting enough vitamin D safely? Did you know that you […]

Nutrient of the Month: Magnesium

Happy April everyone! I know life is a little hectic right now given the threat of covid-19. But I’m trying to make the best of it, as I hope you all are too. Some of you may know, this is my birth month! My birthday is actually April 24. And although I won’t be having […]

Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin B1

This month I want to talk about Vitamin B1, or what’s also known as thiamine. It’s one of the B-vitamins that we don’t really talk about. But what does it do? Where can I get it? And why is it important? Functions It helps with energy production Thiamine is important in energy production for a […]

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