Maca Root for Men and Women’s Health

Maca root is starting to make its presence known in the health industry although it’s actually been used for over 2,000 years! The maca plant (also known as Peruvian ginseng) is native to the Peruvian highlands, exclusively in the Andean region.  It’s a member of the Brassicaceae family, or the broccoli family, which are known […]

Natural Cold and Flu Relief

Ahhh, cold and flu season is upon us. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, the chills, we know it all too well. But the reality is, cold and flu season isn’t a season that we need to expect every year, like spring or summer. The reason we catch colds is because our immune systems are unable to […]

Deep Immune – The Miracle Adaptogen

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know one of my go-to supplements is St. Francis Herb Farm’s Deep Immune. When I caught mononucleosis in high school, this stuff helped me recover in just 5 weeks when my family doctor had originally estimated 3 months. Yeah, it’s that amazing. Now, […]

Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin C

I’m sure we’ve all heard the ancient ‘cure-all’ remedy for colds – get more Vitamin C! But Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) really has SO much more potential. Like the pretty girl in high school with straight A’s who’s only known for her good looks. Hellooo, she has a brain too! Vitamin C just doesn’t […]

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